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  • Sharbat Tawanai 390

    Useful in hepatitis, acidity, loss of appetite and physical weakness Benefits Protects the liver from jaundice, keeps the liver refreshed, produces clean blood, absorbs food by strengthening the stomach and regulates gastrointestinal tract, reduces appetite, reduces body fat. Laziness is complete, body health is dependent on blood, syrup is a guarantee of fresh blood, slimy person and revitalization for weak children. (Full course 6 bottles)

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    Stamina Booster
    Stamina Booster 3,500

    Short Description: Introducing Bundle 4, a dynamic trio crafted for holistic male well-being. This bundle comprises

    1. Safof Bamurad (Powder)
    3. Tala farba (Oil).

    Designed to synergistically support various aspects of men’s health, this collection is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive approach to vitality and intimate wellness.

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    Delay spray in pakistan Tala Farba
    Tala Farba (Oil) NO#1 DELAY SPRAY IN PAKISTAN 600

    طلاء فربہ خاص عضو مخصوص کی کجی(ٹیڑھا پن)، کمزوری، اعصاب و عضلات اور ذبول(پتلاپن) کو دور کر کے اصلی حالت پر واپس لے آتا ہے۔ يہ ابھری ہوئ رگوں کیلۓ اور ماسٹربیشن(مشت زنی) کے لۓ خاص ہے۔

    * Sex Time Delay Spray In Pakistan

    * The crookedness of the male organ

    * Premature Ejaculation

    * Erectile Dysfunction

    * Very Effective After Long Time Masterbation

    For More Please Read Description 👇

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    sex timing tablets Zafrani herbal capsule
    Zafrani Capsule 600

    Loss of substance, masculine weakness, very useful in weakening of the organs, enlarges limb fibers, arms and bladder. At the same time, the musk is stimulated and energized and refreshes the body.

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  • Zanjabel 200

    Short ginger For asthma and every type of cough Cleanses the lungs and throat from mucus and relieves difficulty in breathing. Strengthens the stomach and liver and makes clean blood. Gives strength to the nerves and muscles. Eliminates anemia and loss of appetite.

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