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Sexual life is very important for making a powerful and strong bond between the couples. Without a sexual relationship it is difficult to maintain a relationship for a long duration. It is the best time to give pleasure and joy of sex to each other. Nowadays, people become so much busy in their life affairs that they don’t feel a need for sex or they don’t have much time for it. Either they are suffering from sexual weakness and lost sexual stamina at the time of sex. Sexual weakness or other sexual problems should need proper treatment if you want to live a happy and stress-free life.

Because of different sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and many more, people lose confidence and become frustrated as well as angry. The symptoms of anxiety begin to develop in these frustrated people. No need to worry about your life affairs. We are here to help you with the best sex timing tablets in Pakistan. These tablets are the solution to many problems like they are best for those people who don’t feel the sexual desire and can’t do long-time sex with their partner.

They are in reality the life of such people if they want to enjoy the charms of physical intimacy. Of course, it is a fact that our coming generation might suffer from this issue because of the busy scheduled life. Sexual weakness is easy to treat if you give proper time to your problems and want to solve every problem timely and efficiently.

Best Sexual Pills in Pakistan

Best timing tablets in Pakistan are mainly the sexual enhancers for those males who are impotent or have some sexual issues. It is interesting to know that these tablets are easy to use and ingredients used in them are natural and original free from any harm. The medicines work best when used accurately and timely. Most people tried different sexual products for their sexual issues but it is not the real way to use the product by doing self-medication.


Self-medication is not good and without a proper diagnosis, you can’t use the medicine. So, it is better to get advice from the experts and it is amazing fact that our team of professionals is available for you on the website because we are the best online service provider in the town and whenever you need our help, our team workers are always there to guide you by hook or crook. We know that you are in trouble and it is the best time to guide you to the sexual products that suit you the best and produce no side effects in your body.

Increase sexual health

You can also come to our Dawa Khana or contact us for your personal issue but most people feel shy to consult about this issue, never feel shy because this is the main problem that needs immediate treatment for the betterment of sexual life. When your partner has a desire to do sex and at that time you don’t wish to do sex, then both partners can fight on this issue but it is a fact that you don’t have excitement for sex and you are suffering from sexual weakness and sexual stamina. So, if you want to improve your sexual health and sexual stamina try to go for best timing tablets in Pakistan which are not only the sexual enhancers but also best for your power and strength ESPECIALLY FOR DIABETIC PATIENT.

Sex Timing Tablets

After using sex timing tablets, you will feel a demand or desire for sex and you will feel that your timings of sexual activities have been increased and you can now do sex for a long duration which is perfect for you and your partner. Most people think that if they use these tablets then they can become addicted to them but it is not a reality. The sex timing medicines in Pakistan are perfect for those couples who want to do sex and want to enhance the duration of sexual intercourse to make their bond perfect and nurture for a lifetime.

If the bond is strong, then they can definitely fight with the elements of stress, anger, anxiety as well as frustration. If you want to start a perfectly happy and healthy life, then start using the best timing tablets in Pakistan to give your partner joy and excitement of sex. When you do sex for a long time, then your muscles of the body, as well as your mind, get relaxed and you can easily do your job because of the mind’s relaxation. So, why you are giving stress to your mind? Just go to buy the sex timing tablets from our Dawa Khana or you can easily click on our website for the best results.

Tested and Proven Sex Tablets in Pakistan

Sex timing medicines in Pakistan are tested and proven products which means that they can never damage or harm your area of the penis rather than increase the flow of blood in the penile area. Most people think that they just work for one time and are not effective for a lifetime. The sex timing tablets produce long effects on your body and as the name depicts, they enhance the timings of sexual intercourse and partners can do sexual intercourse the whole night or as long as they want more than 3 or 4 hours.

The working of these tablets depends on the proper usage and it is your duty to take the sex timing medicines in Pakistan at the proper time mainly before involving in sexual activities. They are mainly the healthcare products made for the sexual wellness of men because men are the most dominant person on bed and all the sexual activities depend on the mood and stamina of men. The timing tablets online in Pakistan mainly help to increase the timings as well as the sexual power of men during sex and best work when using before sex. They help the men to keep and get the firm as well as harder erection during the physical intimacy to meet the requirements of sexual activity.

Long Time Sex Tablets Name List

It is mandatory to know the names of the long time sex tablets because there are almost tons of sexual products that have been selling in the markets. To know which sexual tablets are best and safe to use, here are the names of best sex timing medicines in Pakistan.

Majoon Jawahrat Sex timing tablets
Jawahrat Special 2,600 Add to cart
Mumsik Khas ul Khas 1,300 Add to cart
Hub Maqvi (tablet) 2,200 Add to cart

Names of long time sex tablets and best sex majoon

These sex timing tablets, Oils, Majoons and powders are made up of natural and herbal ingredients and are mostly belongs to PDE5 inhibitor groups which means that they are best to arouse the sexual excitement as well as sexual stimulation and thus, increase the blood flow in the bloodstreams of male’s penis and also relax the blood vessels of the penile area. Increasing blood flow means that you can get multiple orgasms at the timing of sexual activity and in this way your partner can get excitement and pleasure for a long duration. Nowadays, most people get frustrated by the problem of early or premature ejaculation.

buy timing tablets online in Pakistan

In early or premature ejaculation, the ejaculatory system of men works quickly and ejaculation happens suddenly which is not good for the long time sex. To remove the sensitivity of the penis and to enhance the duration of ejaculation or if you want to delay ejaculation during a period of physical intimacy, you need to buy timing tablets online in Pakistan through our website. We never demand high prices of these tablets, Oils, Majoons as the products are original so, we only sell the products at affordable rates. Sex timing tablets mainly help to produce the thicker and longer erection and thus, reduce the sensitivity in the area of the penis which is really good for the health and mind.

Both partners can enjoy more sexual timings with more stamina and hence, a long-lasting erection. Of course, the main purpose of doing sex is to enjoy the fascinations of sexual intercourse, and when you have a larger and thicker erection than the night becomes cool and romantic that both partners give joy and pleasure to each other after taking sex timing medicines in Pakistan.

Advantages of Best Timing Tablets & Majoons

The advantages of best timing tablets in Pakistan lie in the fact that they are the pills that help to improve the sexual life of partners and help in making a perfect sexual relation among them. Few advantages are:

  • Sexual Weakness

Best timing tablets in Pakistan are the best-prescribed medicine for sexual weakness in men which means that these sex timing tablets mainly enhance the energy in men for sexual activities. Sexual weakness is something that relates to the coward nature of men. Men don’t have the confidence to do sex and feel dull and lazy at the time of sexual intercourse. It is best if you use the medicine for sexual weakness at the accurate time to reduce the sensitivity and improve your stamina to enhance the sexual performance.

  • Firm Erection

Best timing tablets in Pakistan are beneficial in the way that they are used as the best and perfect pills for erection. Erection plays an important role at the timing of physical intimacy and when you get harder and firm erection, you become hot and sexual stimulation mainly enhances which increases the desire to do more and more sex. So, to enhance the period of erection, you need to take the best pills for erection before involving in sexual intercourse or half an hour before doing sex.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

Sex timing medicines in Pakistan works best for those males who are suffering from the problems of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also called impotency which means that few males get it difficult to ejaculate and can’t get a proper erection at the duration of physical intimacy and because of it, they can’t do sex and satisfy their partner. Erectile dysfunction medicine plays an important role to enhance the sexual performance as well as getting and keeping hard erection becomes easy for impotent males after using these best timing tablets in Pakistan. The main benefit of using erectile dysfunction medicine is that it is free from any harm and the active ingredient works best to enhance the sexual desire and reduce the penis sensitivity as early as possible.

  • Highly Affordable Price

It is interesting to know that the prices of the best timing tablets in Pakistan play an important role, because without knowing the proper price of the products you can’t go to buy it for your sexual function. The proper timing tablets name and price in Pakistan should be fully known in order to stay away from any embarrassing situation. Although, prices of sexual products are highly affordable and tablets like Muqavi (معجون) ,  Zafrani CapsuleTala Farba(OIL), etc are having the cheap rates that every person loves to buy these tablets starting with just PKR.600 to PKR.5000. It is your choice of one of these herbal magical medicine you want to buy. You can easily order us on the website.

Just go to the product name and mention the number of tablets you need. We will deliver the required timing capsules in Pakistan at the appropriate time. Before selecting the sexual product of choice, it is mandatory to know the timing tablet name and price in Pakistan.

  • Natural Herbal Ingredients

It is a fact that the sex timing medicines in Pakistan are made up of natural herbal ingredients and along with solving the problems of sexual activity you can easily enhance your body strength by using sex medicine in Pakistan. Sex medicine in Pakistan is selling on high demand and people love the natural ingredients of these tablets because they never harm the hormones and never get you in trouble of hormonal issues for a lifetime. The herbal medicines are the best solution to enhance the sexual timings in the partners.

  • No Side Effects

Sex medicine in Pakistan is free from the elements of side effects because of the natural formulation of ingredients. The inactive and active ingredients work best and thus, these are the best sex tablets for men without side effects and most people demand these tablets because of this benefit.

  • Long Time Sexual Activity

Medicine for long time sex provokes the partners to do sex for a long duration or whole night because both partners get the proper stimulation and excitement after using the best timing tablets in Pakistan which is really good for the couples to spend long duration with each other and make the memories of a lifetime because of using these highly recommended sex medicine in Pakistan at the proper time. Improves sperm count

Along with the usage of medicine for long time sex. it is interesting to know that these sex tablets for men without side effects are best to increase the size of the penis. Different sexual tablets, majoons, and oils are available in the market to increase penis growth along with the sexual timings. The medicine for long time sex is actually multi-purpose and enhances the penis size as well as sexual performance to give satisfaction to the bed partner.

Hence, the advantages of using best timing tablets in Pakistan are really amazing and surprising because they are not only the tablets for sex time increase but also the best sexual medicines for growth and size of the penis as well as increase the sexual performance and sexual desire to do sex for more than 3 hours.

Important Instructions to Follow

Before using the best timing tablets in Pakistan, it is important to follow all the instructions written on the tablets box or inside the paper because those people who don’t follow the instructions can suffer so, it is better to follow all the advice of your experts.

  • Before starting the timing capsules in Pakistan, make sure that you have read the ingredients of the products. Of course, herbal ingredients are safe and secure for life.
  • Tablets for sex time increase should be store at the dry place and never keep them in the moisturized area or near heat.
  • Always start the dosage with a small amount because the sudden use of the heavy dosage is not good for your health and body hormones.
  • Do not drink alcohol after the consumption of these medicines because alcohol can produce a worse effect on sexual activity.

If you don’t know the proper selection of the sexual product, just CLICK HERE to contact us via WHATSAPP and get guidance from our Team and you can come to our DAWA KHANA at sultan abad Karachi.  The satisfaction of the customers is the most important and prior thing which can’t be compromised in any case. That is the reason we have thousands of happy Patient’s because we work sincerely and honestly free from any pressure. The prices and names of products are mentioned and you can easily select the product of your choice and order us for early delivery at the doorstep.


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