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  • Asaabi Tonic 1,700

    Useful for both men and women each season An extremely effective and invasive treatment for strengthening all nerves Nowadays, most people complain of back pain, leg pain, muscle weakness and mental impairment, and after having expensive lab tests and using expensive medicines, the doctor describes his failure in your waistline. Gap. Sometimes they say they are suppressed and sometimes they say that the lace is out while they have been quick to take the medicine and harm the patient rather than benefit. You will use your most effective medicine nerve tonic to re-examine your doctor and give us your prayers. Benefits: Urinary recurrence due to back pain, weakness, sealing gap, numbness, muscle weakness, renal impairment and bladder weakness, all neurological weakness, digestive disorders, mental weakness, red blood cells deficiency, every The kind is cheap and sluggish and the lack of moisture for all joints eliminates it completely.

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  • Nijat e Dard 300

    Great treatment for all bodybuilders Properties If you have new or old pain in any part of the body for head, ears, teeth, eyes, throat, shoulders, waist, leg, seasonal fever, you should try the pain pill. Blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease can be used without any risk during pregnancy.

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