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Diabetic Patient


A successful drug for diabetes Pure country harmless medicine Properties Diabetic patients become intrigued by its use and gradually become able to function pancreatically and the patient relieves diabetes. Provided that the drug should be used for some time with restrictions and should be tolerated. The diabetes patient should be completely avoided with all the hurt.

Nijat e Bawasir


Sure and complete elimination of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are new or outdated, or bloody in any case equally useful and successful.

Dawa Rahat


To relieve all kinds of anxiety Properties Successful treatment through a unique herb to relieve hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, nervous tension, nervousness and depression. Free of all side effects



Short ginger For asthma and every type of cough Cleanses the lungs and throat from mucus and relieves difficulty in breathing. Strengthens the stomach and liver and makes clean blood. Gives strength to the nerves and muscles. Eliminates anemia and loss of appetite.

Sharbat Tawanai


Useful in hepatitis, acidity, loss of appetite and physical weakness Benefits Protects the liver from jaundice, keeps the liver refreshed, produces clean blood, absorbs food by strengthening the stomach and regulates gastrointestinal tract, reduces appetite, reduces body fat. Laziness is complete, body health is dependent on blood, syrup is a guarantee of fresh blood, slimy person and revitalization for weak children. (Full course 6 bottles)

Dawa khatoni


The most potent drug for leukemia Properties Inexpensive, sluggish, pale yellow, sore waist, irritability, palpitations, dizziness, blindness to the eyes, minor annoyances are the hallmarks of Lecuria. Afterwards the patient is self-aware. Disease that feeds on women.